Vertical Scrap Baling Press

Vertical SCRAP Balers  are One Of The AIM INDUSTRIES Most Popular Down Stroke Balers, Are Standalone Vertical Baling Machines Which Are Put To Great Use In The Disposal Of Cardboard/carton, Ideal For Waste Recycling Facilities, Cardboard/paper Manufacturing Units, Supermarkets, Department Stores, Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, Printing UNITS ,PLASTIC BAGS MAKING UNITS , FOR ALL TYPE OF DRY MUNICIPAL WASTE.

 For Recycling Centers, This Will Mean Reduced Waste Storage Area, Streamline Overall Waste Processing Operations And Savings On Transportation And Labor Costs.


  • Cartons
  • POLY Film
  • Used / Old Corrugated Cardboard (occ)
  • Old Newspaper (ONP)
  • Old Magazines (OMG)
  • Office Wastes And Other Packaging Materials.
  • This Multi-purpose Baler Is Also Useful In Compacting Other Waste Materials, Which Are Produced On A Day To Day Basis Such As Scrap Paper And Polystyrene Packaging For Easy Storage Until Disposal.


These Presses Are Most Suitable For Viery Compact Baling Of Plastic Scrap , Paper , Pater Tubes , Corrugated Box, Fibers. Compact Bales Made To Facilitate Save Transportation Cost, Time & Storage Space.

Salient Features

  • FOUR Open Guide Pillars + Four Guides Rode For Support Of Moving Platen Resulting In Perfect Alignment And Safety Of The Hydraulic Seals.
  •  Hydraulic Double Acting Cylinder.

  • Slits On Both Axes Provided For The Perfect Bale Strapping.
  • The Moving Platen Can Be Stopped By Means Of Height Adjustable Limit Switch And Pressure Switch.

  • Available In A Wide Range Of Platform Sizes, Height & Tonnage.
  • Warranty Against Proper Usage On All Machine Parts For 1 Year From Date Of Delivery.

Technical Specification

  • Electric Motor ABB, Siemens, CGL, Bharat Bialy, NEPTUNE.
  • Pressure Relief Valve "POLYHYDRON" Make.

  • Pressure Gauge 0-250 Bar/0-400 Bar WIKA / Micro Makes.
  • Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valve "UKEN"/"REXROTH" MAKE.

  • Hydraulic Geared Pump "DOWTY"(Low Pressure) / "POLYHYDRON" (high Pressure).


Capacity 15 20 30 50 80
Ccontainer Size 24”(l) * 34”(b)
24”(l) * 34”(b) *40”(h) 24”(l) * 34”(b) *40”(h) 24”(l) * 34”(b) *60”(h) 24”(l) * 34”(b) *72”(h)
Daylight Gap 1000 Mm 1000 Mm 1000 Mm 1000 Mm 1000 Mm
Pressure 2000 PSI 2000 PSI 2500 PSI 3000 PSI 3500 PSI
Bale Weight 50 TO 70 KG 50 TO 70 KG 80 TO 100 KG 100 TO 140 KG 150 TO 200 KG
Cyliner 1 Nos ( Size :
100mm Bore *
70mm Rod)
1 Nos (Size: 125mm Bore * 70mm Rod) 1 Nos (Size: 140mm Bore * 80mm Rod) 1 Nos (Size: 160mm Bore * 90mm Rod) 1 Nos (Size: 200mm Bore * 110mm Rod)
Oil Tank Capacity 50ltrs
Enklo 68
50ltrs Enklo 68 90ltrs Enklo 68 110ltrs Enklo 68 200ltrs Enklo 68
Hydraulic System GEAR Pump
GEAR Pump System GEAR Pump System DOUBLE Pump System DOUBLE Pump System
Operation Handlever
Control Valve)
Handlever Operated (Mobile Control Valve) Handlever OperaterD (Mobile Control Valve) Handlever Operaterd (Mobile Control Valve) Handlever Operaterd (Mobile Control Valve)
Electric Motor 3 Hp ,
5 Hp, 1440rpm 7.5 Hp, 1440rpm 10 HP, 1440RPM 12.5 Hp, 1440rpm
Guiding System Solid Bars : 2 Nos Solid Bars : 2 Nos Solid Bars : 2 Nos Solid Bars : 2 Nos Solid Bars : 2 Nos

SAFETY : FOR PANEL OPERATED Over Load Protaction , Auto Pressure Cut-off , Limit SwitchesDoor Interlocking , Pusher Inter Locking System

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